We live in the information era and you are only a click away from anything you may want to know. Yet, sifting through the noise has never been more challenging. You don’t have to spend hundreds of hours to learn the basics of how to make healthy shopping choices. Simply watch our “How to…” videos. For free of chemicals wear, check out the Apparel section. Healthy lifestyle goes beyond what we eat and what we wear. The skin is the largest organ and deserves our attention — check out some of the featured products in Wellness and even our own Etsy store.



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A great way to save on cost of healthy food is joining a CSA. That stands for Community Sponsored Agriculture and it is basically a seasonal subscription to a farm — usually from June through October. How it works is a farmer delivers at a location such as a Farmers’ Market or has a stand on its premises where you pick up a weekly load of whatever is in season that week. A vegetable share is the most popular kind of share, although there could be eggs, meat and fruits. You can find a CSA at your local farmers market or on the Local Harvest website.

If there are fewer food options in your area, consider at least getting “the dirty dozen” — the 12 most filled with pesticides fruits and vegetables — from a safe source.



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It’s almost impossible to find organic restaurants where all of the ingredients are certified organic. Luckily, the “Farm-to-Table” option is usually a good choice when it comes to your plate.


Some restaurants partner with local farms to bring seasonal produce, meat and eggs. The farms may or may not be certified organic and it’s a good idea to ask at the restaurant about the farm’s practices. Look for sustainable farms or those that follow sustainable or organic practices.

Listing of Restaurants

Coming soon is a database of restaurants by location. For the last few years, looking for good options on the go has been a passion and will gladly share a recommended list of eateries.




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What we eat is just as important as what we drink. While many corporations’ primary focus is generating profit, we need to find our path to long term health by thorough research on ingredients.

Getting the Purest Water

Is filtered water good to drink? It depends. There are a few filters available on the market that purify the water substantially to clear out all substances associated with long-term health concerns. One of those is a RO filter. Links and more information coming soon.

Getting the purest water can be a challenge and in our next video we will cover that subject. Until then, stay tuned!

A Word on Soft Drinks

In this section, we will cover preservatives, additives and sugar. My recommendation is spring or mineral water (flat or sparkling) from a glass bottle and freshly squeezed fruit juice.




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